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How to hire restaurant staff?

How to hire restaurant staff?

The goal of every restaurant or bar owner, regardless of the size of the business, is to have good staff. This assumes that employees do not steal and at almost every moment know what they are doing. Assembling a good team is a great challenge. So if you have questions about how to hire restaurant staff just keep on reading.

Mistakes I made unaware of consequences

The first question we ask when hiring is where to find a good employee? The answer is usually to ask among friends and acquaintances and this I must say after all my years of experience could produce both positive and negative results.

You assume that an employee recommended by your friends is not an alcoholic or a drug addict, but about other characteristics you cannot be sure. In any case, you already have a burden called “a new employee recommended by my friend.”

From the first time you promise yourself that you will treat him or her same as everyone else, you know that this is impossible. Such employee in most cases has a privileged status and in my opinion, hiring should not be done this way. My experience has shown that most of them start to steal because of the trust and confidence placed in them, or they are really poor workers and I had trouble letting them go.

Hiring this way leads to another big problem: they form a group that expertly and systematically steals from you.

Group of employees with bad intentions

Let say that you hired an employee a friend recommended as diligent, loyal and honest; next time you need someone you will ask that employee for a recommendation and that way enable the first step in a formation of a group. They will bring on more friends and everything will seem great, at first.

After some time, things will begin to look like this: the first employee, the one recommended by your friend, is now a group leader with great authority. Upon his advice, you have raised salaries to everyone and allowed everyone to eat and drink as much as they want when on the job; you trusted them and didn’t want to appear cheap. You have given them days off because replacements worked out perfectly and the job didn’t suffer. But everything is far from what it seems to be.

The first time you start to question some of the decision made and their behavior, they will begin to rebel and the trigger you have pulled will cost you dearly. This is the time when mass thefts begin. Nobody is giving you correct information because they are all in it together. An entire group leaving at the same time is a quite possible scenario if you decide to show your teeth, their only goal being to blackmail you into doing what they want you to do.

Unavoidable action

At that point, you must fire everyone, including their leaders. Call a couple of friends to help you finish the day off and place an ad for openings immediately the next day.


This is something that can happen to you. Learn from the experience of others.
When you are not listening to your instincts, you can’t see or recognize revealing details. Things just begin spiraling down and the price is truly large. Think hard whether you will let things get out of control or whether you will prevent them.This article could have listed many positive examples as well, but that was not the goal.

I hope that I have helped in process of decision how to hire restaurant staff. Good luck!