How to choose music for the restaurant/cafe

How to choose music for the restaurant/cafe

Selecting the right music for a restaurant or a bar is a real talent. A restaurant should harmonize all elements, starting from interior design, food and beverage offer, quality of wait staff, to of course the music, which is an integral part of the restaurant’s character.

You often experienced when visiting a certain place as a customer that music is not quite right or does not match the interior. You have also frequently noticed that your favorite restaurant or a bar plays the same music every day. Volume of the music can also be troublesome, whether it is too loud or it varies from song to song, from very quiet to very loud. Anticipating in horror what the next song will bring can be a stressful experience!

The result – feelings we did not wish to experience as customers.

The reason – unprofessional approach to one of the more important aspects of restaurant’s atmosphere – music.

Selecting the right music for a restaurant is one of the key decisions an owner or a manager has to make. The restaurant must not be viewed superficially. It needs to be understood as a person, with all the characteristics that go with it. Every restaurant has a character and we need to know how to present it.

To have your morning coffee, read your newspaper or scroll through electronic media, while listening to the exact music you wanted to hear at that moment is a great feeling. To have a great lunch or a great cocktail and catch the beats that perfectly go with that precise moment leaves the customer pleasantly surprised and happy. To experience that feeling again, the customer is willing to become your regular.

Volume level that suits a particular time of day, type of music and variety of songs on the playlist are important in every restaurant. The decision can not simply be left up to the server or a bartender who is fist to arrive, but needs to be clearly defined and planned according to the time of day and restaurant’s offer.

Playlist must be put together in advance and for every day (week) so as not to be repeated. What the competition is playing must also be taken into account because if everyone plays the same music you will in no way be different or original.

We advise that you approach the selection of music seriously, choosing the type, setting the proper volume and designating employees who will be in charge of it.

Music in a restaurant does not represent the personality of the owner, employee or a customer.

It represents the personality of the restaurant itself.