Hire a Bartender in 12 Easy Steps

Hire a Bartender in 12 Easy Steps

You are struggling to hire a bartender who will fulfill all your expectations? Perhaps he is just besides you and you are not even aware of that!

I know that finding an appropriate bartenders for your restaurant or bar is not an easy job at all. If you’re one of the owners of the restaurant or bar that has a problem with the staff in the bar, this text will help you to identify the advantages and disadvantages of your employees. And if you have the ambition to create professional bartender from amateur this article can serve you as your guide for this adventure!
Possible mission or Mission impossible? You will know by the end of this article. Good luck!

Let’s get one thing straight from the start. If you have a good bartender that you trust that means  you have a real treasure. Not having him it means that you have a big problem and that certain “treasure” lefts out.
How to identify and hire a proper bartender ? What qualities to look for in a potential candidates for this job?

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Questions That Will Help You to Hire a  Bartender

According to information found at U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistic typical level of education that most workers need to enter this occupation is less then high school. This means that you are dealing mostly with very young people. Here are some tips that will help you to carefully analyze applicants for this job.

Devote equal time and pay attention to each of them. Sometimes it happens that you miss important data about candidates for the job. To prevent this, do not memorize what they said during interview, instead of this,write ! Write down questions and answers to each of them for each candidate individually. In this way, you’ll have a better insights into the profiles of individuals who may be your potential workers and to make a selection of the best of them.

Below is a list with important questions that you can use during interview.

  • What is your experience in the hospitality industry ?
  • What kind of bars you visit in your free time ?
  • Describe the most stressful job you’ve done so far ?
  • Do you play any sports ?
  • If is a large crowd at the bar, in what order you will serve your guests ?
  • Describe the benefits of working in a team and specify your own positive example of teamwork in solving some problem ?
  • How would you know that your guest drank too much alcohol?
  • How would you act if you have a drunk guest who offend you ?
  • Have you ever worked with a professional bartender and whether you are willing to engage in such a training ?

That would be some basic questions that would give you insights in a qualities of your potential bartenders and will help you to get important information about the skills and personalities of your candidates before you hire a bartnder.

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How to Test Your Bartenders Easily?

Is your candidate perfect for this job? Make some easy to do tests during interview. Math should be a strong point of your future bartender, same as the possibility to memorize multiple orders at once.Test them! With the help of this little test you will know more about them.

  1. Ask your potential candidate to repeat the order you’re going to say. Let your order contains at least seven items including those special orders such as “ice-free” or “coffee with cold milk.”
  2. Immediately after this task, give to your candidate a price list and ask them how would they charge this order.

Calculate the time that each candidate needed to successfully finish a task. The accuracy of the response and the required time to come with correct answer should be for sure taken into consideration before you make a final decision about selection of candidates for this responsible job.

Important Characteristics and Skills of Bartenders

Successful bartenders have certain qualities that differ them from unsuccessful bartenders. In fact, the bartender job is very demanding and it would be necessary that this person has specific skills, knowledge, experience and the tendency to this type of work.

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You Need a Person With Lot of Energy

Your bartender should be a person who can do a marathon job, long distance runner. This means that he or she has enough physical and mental strength that is not easy to ” spend ” while they do such a demanding tasks.

Speed ​​is one of the qualities that is required for good bartenders. People which you may characterize as “slow” do not fit into this job. You do not want to have ” Gustav ” in your bar right? So say goodbye to all cute ” slow motion ” girls and boys. Without speed there is no effectiveness, and that is what we strive for isn’t it ?
Potential candidates who are regularly engaged in some sports activities have vantage. Sport has a positive impact on the physical and mental condition which results with less absence and the best performance of working tasks during the shift .
On the other hand, candidates who smoke cigarettes or consume alcohol and drugs (including beer and marijuana ) will be more susceptible to health problems and frequent absences. Therefore, do not forget to ask candidates about their habits and sports activities during the interview for job.

Communicative Person with Positive Attitude

Bartending can be an ideal job for the right person. For communicative friendly person it represents the perfect blend of fun and profit. If you choose positive friendly person for your barmen this will attract visitors and make them feel welcome, and they will be happy to get back into your restaurant or bar for coffee or glass of wine again.

Communicative person will also easily join to your team in the bar, express his or her opinion, point to potential problems and willingly give some suggestions to solve it. In this way, you will more quickly overcome possible problems and improve overall business.

Attention & Responsibility of Bartender

Attention. Successful bartender constantly monitoring the situation inside and outside the bar. This means that he or she is aware of drunk guests, when, and where are empty glasses, which ashtray should be replaced with clean ashtray, which guest need a little chat to feel better etc. The bartender should be able to perform their duties, to monitor the working rhythm and at the same time maintain a good atmosphere inside and outside the bar.

Responsibility. Bartender’s tasks must be performed quickly and efficiently to track workflow in restaurant. All restaurant operations, speed and quality of service in your building is depending from the bartenders. Beside this, they need to control the traffic of goods in a restaurant by checking receipt and comparing it with delivered drinks to waiter. In this way, stealing in the bar is reduced to a minimum, and that’s why is even more important to have someone you really trust in your bar.

Skills and Knowledge of Good Bartenders

Dexterity, quickness, multitasking and getting done in a short time requires a good memory and accuracy while respecting the sequence of actions. It seems that the bartender job is very stressful and requires flexibility, calmness and speed in a same time. These are all qualities that we are looking in our future bartender. Sometimes it seems that the task is very difficult, almost impossible, but with good organization and functional teamwork, work will flow seamlessly even for those with less experience. But what kind of the knowledge we are looking for this job?

Knowledge of basic mathematical operations. As the bartender job involves measurement, computation, and operations with money sure that the person who will do this job must be well acquainted with mathematics. The bartender is often cashier which requires working with money, computation and computer skills.

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Highly skilled in mixing, garnishing and serving drinks

Mixing drinks and preparing cocktails. Each barmen need to know to prepare the most common drinks, but should not hesitate to look at the books and learn to prepare new drinks and cocktails. Qualities of a good bartender are certainly the knowledge of preparing different cocktails as well as developed sense for mixing a new cocktails and experimenting with new tastes – of course, with the consent and desire of its guests.

Serving Drinks. The bartender job is to satisfy guests. Bartender primarily need to serve the guests in the best possible way, and his salary will largely depend on the customer satisfaction and received tips. A successful bartender manages to communicate with their guests and they would happily return again and also leave some generous tips.

Hygiene and cleanliness. The bartender must always look neatly and clean, same as the  bar and the glasses, ashtrays and other accessories must be perfectly clean. It should be mandatory to respect the rules to ensure hygiene, cleanliness and safety in the bar.
This also mean that bartender need to neat hair and nails, wash his/her hands often and perfectly clean uniform.

Flexibility and knowledge to create a good environment. To create a good atmosphere at the bar while working effectively bartenders must be very flexible and have a lot of patient. Flexible and patient according to the wishes of their guests and flexible to colleagues in the bar. Some day the work in the bar will flow smoothly while other can reach a lot of disagreements between nervous colleagues. To avoid a bad atmosphere in the bar, it is precisely to be very flexible in these situations, even more than usual. Your bartender need to put foot down, be calm and show a positive attitude.

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Get handle with stressful situation. While bartender job is very stressful it is important to have a positive attitude. It is certain that he or she will be sometimes tired and nervous. Working in shifts can often be extended, especially on weekends when the shift lasts for 10 hours. Fatigue and sometimes rough and rude guests should not affect on the mood of a successful bartender. Bartender should primarily hear and follow the wishes of guests and be guided with music and team spirit in the bar. In this way, a successful bartender resist the negative influence of individuals and maintains positive working spirit that will be transfered on his/her co-workers.

Who Could Be Your Perfect Bartender?

Finally, from my own experience I can say that many successful bartenders start as young, inexperienced and quiet but diligent workers who after some period becomes communicative and perfect candidates for this job.

If you want to educate someone from your staff who has potential to become high quality bartender you must know that being a good bartender is not just about bar work, nor is it about being the chillest cocktail bartender on the strip, nor is it about learning everything about spirits, wine and mixology.
If you want to learn your personnel to be a good bartender you need to show him/her how to look for the most important asset in the industry: the customer.
Once you find them, or educate them to become high quality bartenders you should learn how to keep them in your restaurant or bar. But this could be nice subject for next blog post!

Do you have a good candidates for this job in your bar or not ?
If you think I missed something it would be my pleasure if you leave a comment ! restaurant software

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