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Do you need fully functional POS software for restaurants and bars?

Do you need fully functional POS software for restaurants and bars?

Waiters are users who use the POS software the most, and therefore they are the one who often make complains about it s functionality. When I wrote this article I based it on my experience and I would try to portray what should one good fully functional free POS software for restaurant and bars need to provide to waiter.

Program has to be optimized for touch screen technology, as every person in the world works the best with his hands. No devices such as a mouse are not acceptable because they require some experience , and the key to successful software is the simplicity and accessibility to all. There is no prosthetic arm that could change the hand no matter how perfect it is :).

Every waiter should have the ability to quickly and easily log into the system. Before it was done in DOS applications with codes and today most users register using magnetic cards. The program should separate their turnover by log in name and also divides it by main categories (drinks, food ..) to make easier inventory conduction.

The choice of consumption should be shown vividly because time of codes has been forgotten. If you work with the codes then you know that each new user must learn codes or look for them on the paper next to the computer, which takes time and the program does not fully perform its role. It is important to note that the selection and picturesque consumption must have some order. First of all consumption should be sorted in some major categories like “Drink”, then in the category as “Hot drinks”, “Alcoholic beverages”, that is the main food/drink categories and sub-categories are for example :appetizer, meat dishes … Etc. From experience I can tell you that it is great to have and subcategory “Common items” which are generated by the sale and consumption of this category under is 70% of turnover, which of course provides a faster and easier way to navigate. It is important that program provides the opportunity to work with different prices for same items. There are certain events when you sell drink and food more expensive , and for example drink and food for your stuff has always cheaper.

Your POS software should bring information to chef direcly from waiter. If the bartenders in your restaurant shout loud orders  to chef and the reverse, we can say that you do not have good software at all. Working in restaurants where you have consumers around you who supposed to enjoy in their drink or meal should be very quiet. When the waiter gets order, the chef should got on kitchen printer completely clear information about order with all the details such as roast, which supplements that go with consumption and other related details. Time when waiter shouts behind your head „ One big pizza with onions !“ should be behind us.

Download fully functional free POS software 

Issuance of invoices per table and/or per person. Your fully functional free POS software should allow working with tables that will be displayed on the screen and partitioned as in reality. If the table is occupied it needs to be displayed in a different color, in order to give a clear signal of availability. In addition, it is important that the software is able to register the individual order,not only individual table which gives the possibility of invoice per customer and not just invoicing per table.

Separation of bigger restaurants in sectors
.Take the example of a restaurant with hundred tables, but some of them are located in the interior part of the restaurant and some part of it for example upstairs terrace, it would be very difficult to show that on one screen to looks real on the desktop. Therefore it is important that software has ability to work across sectors in the restaurant. For example,you have separately sector one with tables ( in the house) and sector 2 ( terrace) with tables. You should move between those sectors easily.

It is able to issue different kind of invoices and different payment methods. Each restaurant has a specific primary  payment method, and thus should be highlighted as the main method of payment (cash or credit card). All other forms of payment should be sure on the call in a simple way. Also all restaurateurs need to issue invoice for company, that invoice must be in compliance with all necessary legal information.
If your POS software has those options already listed your waiters and cooks do not have the right to complain.
In the next blog post read what your POS software should provide to restaurant manager or owner.