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Selecting the best POS software for your business

Selecting the best POS software for your business

For launching and successful running of a restaurant business, in addition to excellent service, top chef or a cocktail master you need best POS software that will become a part of the team and fit into your needs and business visions.
Selecting and using POS software holds a very important place and must be approached carefully and with a plan. We provide you with tips that will help you make the right choice.

The simplest way to select a best POS software is to make a list of needs and demands directly related to your business. We have created one in order to assist you in the first steps of your planning:

  • A demo that will simulate your business and show you whether the program is simple or complicated to work with;
  • Simplicity of training in the program’s usage for employees and owner;
  • Simplicity of designating stations and employee obligations in them (terrace, bar, kitchen…)
  • Work on several locations (acquiring same information on one establishment if you have several of them in different locations)
  • What are the options for different prices of same items for:
    – individual establishments (when several are involved)
    – customers (VIP, employees, customers’ cards)
    – different time intervals (promotions, Happy hour..)
  • How simple is it to change the basics in the program such as prices, stock, item name, adding a new item, etc.
  • How can you set the prices in advance for a particular event and activate them automatically at a particular date (periodically, every Saturday from 9-10 PM, item discounts).
  • How flexible is the program in terms of accounting and is it simple to access and transfer data;
  • Possibility of discount for loyal patrons and production of loyalty cards.
  • Reports in real time with an option to acquire them from several locations.
  • Checking the stock list at a particular date.
  • Tracking the goods entered and sold (how the goods went in and out).
  • What support the program producer/distributor offers.
  • In case of changed legislature, are you charged for program supplementing.
  • If new program versions are issued, does it cost you to upgrade (and how much) or do you get them for free.
  • Applicability to different operating systems and their versions.
  • Clearly defined in the contract what maintenance and support is free and what is additionally charged.
  • If the assistance over the phone is insufficient, how much would a visit cost and what are the conditions (for example, if the support goes out in the field and the problem detected was not caused by the program, the client is charged).

This list of basic requirements can assist you in defining your own guidelines for selection of an best POS software for your business. Price should not be a defining factor since cheap does not necessarily mean cheaper to maintain.