Bartender for hire – short course of bartending and waitressing

Bartender for hire – short course of bartending and waitressing

People, especially young one always think that the waiter’s job is great. Fun at work, waking up late, exploring and making contact with people, baksheesh (tips) and so on. Managers of restaurants and bars have always looking for a new bartender for hire, but what if you are a beginner in this business and do not know where to start and where to learn how to do this cool job?

Working in hotels and restaurants can often be a very stressful and difficult task, especially when you have a boss who always complains guests who are arrogant and uncultured, unknown working hours, unpaid overtime, and much more.

However lot  of people loves this job, mostly young one. Waiters profession is such one that you can always learn something new, but for people with no experience, the big problem is in the first few days, when they decide whether they will get a job or quit. Many of them in these first workdays made major errors in their work. Mostly because of wrong training or advice, or due to the fact that not everyone is born for this job.

It’s wonderful when you come into a good team which is ready to transfer its experience. They can make short specific training, and help with advice to become an excellent waiter in a very short time.

It possible that beginners who have a good mentor in a bar (coffee shop) to learn the fundamentals for 7 days, and work independently in a restaurant or any other type of catering establishment. Of course, it is necessary to learn the basic concepts of hospitality, and that you have the basics of the culture which people usually all learn from their family at home.

For beginners and those who have made their first steps incorrectly we recommend that you read these few tips.

Always arrive 10 min before the beginning of the shift

Everything is understandable from the title. If you come earlier you can drink your coffee in peace and prepare yourself for a new working day.

Make sure you look decently

You should always be neat and have clean clothes. Shoes and socks that you wear should be revised before going to work. Your hair should be washed and hair styled, nails decent length and clean. Make-up should not be pushy, and fragrances are allowed in just small quantities.
Scents of perfume can interfere with the smell of food and wine, and could upset guests.

Approach to the guest

Your approach to the guest should be with nice smile and respect. It would be enough to come with smile and positive energy to the customer. A waitress should greet customers warmly and make them feel as though they are the only table she has. Read your guests and act accordingly, some guests may want more interaction, while others prefer that you practice restraint.If you are able to recognize your custumers needs you will be definitely wanted bartender for hire.

Instruction how to carry a tray?

Beginners often think that the carrying a tray could be some kind of problem.
Use your tray-holding hand to keep balance. It s better if you choose your hand which is not the one you write with it. So if you are left-handed use your right hand and opposite.

How to put your fingers when carrying a tray?

Start with what feels comfortable and focus on keeping the tray level as you walk.
Fingers and hands that carry the tray are always in the form of fan. When you put your fingers in that position we achieve better balance. For best balance the palm should be in the middle of the lower part of the tray.

Long glasses should be put closer to you while smaller one goes to the end. This will further prevent overturning of the orders.

When we talk about coffee cups there are many ways to do it, but for full tray with coffee cups the easiest way is to sort cups and plates separately, so we could get more free space for more cups and glasses. It s very useful to use coaster tray to prevent slipping.

And finally, avoid commercial plastic tray and use a professional stainless steel tray because plastic trays don t have perfect weight for balancing like stainless steel trays.

Orders shall be taken from left to the right

The working principle is very simple. Movement of the waiter, taking orders, cleaning tables, billing is starting from the left to the right side or clockwise. Moving from left to the right you make a “circle.” Do not go immediately receive an order, rather finish one table and then go to the next one. For example, at first table, you’ll change the ashtray, on the second one take the order, and serve at third.

With this mode, you avoid all the chaotic state when few of customers start to lift hands in same time, and need some action from you (orders, clean ashtrays, or bill). You also always need to have a pair of clean ashtray on a tray and a rag to clean the tables.

Never rush the customer with ordering

When a guest ordering, it should not be rushed, waiter should be very patient and gentle with him. If the guest is not quite sure what she wants and does not currently looking for further information, simply tell that you will let her go a little more to think about menu, and you continue your job and go to the next table.

Forwarding orders

The point is that you forward to the bartender / kitchen order exactly as guest ordered. Guests are very sensitive to this part especially when waiter brings something that they are not ordered. It is necessary to remember / write down any specific order, such as a small coffee with cold milk (not hot milk), coca-cola with ice and no lemon, medium rare steak (not crisp), etc.

Cleaning the table when guests are present

One of the actions is also a concern for the state of the table when guests are there for him. Empty bottles, coffee cups, empty plates represents constituent part of cleaning up. All of these actions start with “I’m sorry! Maybe I should this (bottles, glasses, coffee,) … carry away? 🙂 ”
With this approach you will not make a mistake, you will get the right answer and sympathy.