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Appropriate restaurant behavior

Appropriate restaurant  behavior

Hi-Tech times in which we live are very fast and many things that were a part of general etiquette have been forgotten. In past times, politeness was a part of every day life and going out to a restaurant was a special and meaningful experience. Today, in most cases, that is gone, especially with the younger generation. Here are several useful tips about restaurant behavior:

  1. Consider going out to a restaurant as a pleasant experience. Everything is there for you to enjoy yourself; it’s a place where you intend to spend nice moments. Don’t do anything strange or extreme which could make you feel uncomfortable. Instead, laugh and have fun.
  2. Behave politely towards the restaurant staff. This way, you will get better service.
  3. When you arrive, take a seat and wait for the server to come to you. Don’t get up and look for the server, becoming upset and disturbing the other guests.
  4. When the server gets there and greets you, stop talking or finish your phone conversation and greet the server back.
  5. In case you wish to call the server, simply lift your hand and he/she will be there. Be patient if the restaurant is full. Most servers are in that case busy, but your turn will come.
  6. Don’t shout or snap your fingers to turn attention to yourself and summon the server. That s not appropriate restaurant behavior.
  7. Also, you can make eye contact with the server and then nod your head letting the server know you need them.
  8. Talk to your server with respect. There is no need to use commanding tone or make fun of anyone.
  9. Never tug server’s sleeve or any other part of the uniform or body.
  10. For starters, order a drink and if you haven’t received a menu, ask for one.
  11. While your drink is being prepared, look at the menu.
  12. When your drink is being served, enquire about the items on the menu if you are curious about something.
  13. In case you have food allergies, make them known at this time.
  14. After the server approaches you in 3-5 minutes, make your order and stress anything else you need.
  15. Enjoy the food and atmosphere!
  16. When you are finished, the server will come and clear your table, offering you dessert or another drink. You don’t have to order dessert if you don’t wish to.
  17. Pay the bill.
  18. If you are satisfied with food, service and entire atmosphere remember that you can express your gratitude with a generous tip!

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