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Make the best restaurant kitchen for your needs

Make the best restaurant kitchen for your needs

There are many different restaurant kitchens and they can be divided according to their purpose and type into: restaurant and hotel kitchens, traditional, foreign and international cuisines, and diet, vegetarian or macrobiotic cuisines.

Restaurant and hotel kitchens

  1. Restaurant kitchen prepares items from a menu. Menu is often supplemented with daily specials. These types of kitchens are found in restaurants and hotels.
  2. Hotel kitchen prepares menu items in advance, for a known number of guests, and includes a breakfast kitchen. It is found in hotels, boarding houses, youth houses, old peoples’ homes, hospitals and ships.

Traditional, foreign and international cuisine

  1. Traditional or domestic cuisine is represented in a particular region of a country and uses ingredients available in that area. This cuisine includes all dishes that originate and have been preserved in a certain area.
  2. Foreign cuisine includes any dishes typical of a specific country such as French cuisine, Italian cuisine, Japanese cuisine, etc.
  3. International cuisine is known all over the world and includes dishes that have been adopted from various foreign cuisines such as: Viennese steak, cordon blue, chateaubriand, pizza, spaghetti and other similar dishes.

Healthy kitchens

  1. Diet kitchen prepares dishes for the ailing and elderly. Dishes have to be easily digestible, and are mostly boiled or steamed.
  2. Vegetarian cuisine is very widespread and accepted due to advertised benefits of healthy food. It is prepared with ingredients of vegetable origin.
  3. Macrobiotic kitchen is also based on health food principles and it includes dishes prepared with grains and unprocessed foods.

Restaurant kitchen staff

According to expertise and experience, kitchen staff is divided into:

  • Skilled staff: chefs, sous-chef, sauté cook, roast cook, butcher, pastry cook, etc.
  • Unskilled staff; perform mostly preparatory work.
  • Apprentices; doing practical training.

Regarding the division of work and responsibilities in a kitchen, two ways of organization are known: Viennese brigade system and French brigade system.

Viennese brigade system

Under this system, work is organized in two shifts. Every shift numbers six staff members, totaling 12 in both shifts, usually headed by a kitchen manager. This system is applied in smaller kitchens.

French brigade system

Many large kitchens apply the French brigade system. Work is organized in two shifts, which can be medium-sized or large. Medium-sized kitchen brigade includes 12-30 staff members, and a large 20-40, in both shifts. This system utilizes specialized chefs, which makes it very different from the Viennese system.