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Personal hygiene in restaurants

Personal hygiene in restaurants

Neatness, cleanliness and maintaining hygiene of the space is expected in every hospitality establishment. Personal hygiene in restaurants and implementation of hygiene standards and procedures for your staff is the best way to gain the trust of customers.

Each person working with food must maintain a high degree of cleanliness and a tidy external appearance. Personal hygiene in restaurants is extremely important in order to maintain food health standards.

Staff personal hygiene requirements

  1. Each employee must have a two-part locker, one part for work clothes and the other for regular clothes.
  2. Work clothes must be of a light color, clean and neat; shoes and hat must also be clean.
  3. Work uniform must be regularly changed.
  4. Personal clothes must not be worn beneath the work clothes.
  5. Nails must be trimmed and clean, without nail polish.
  6. During work hours, it is not permitted to wear jewelry (rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings), wrist watch, etc.
  7. While working with food, staff must wash their hands often.
  8. Staff must wear hats, covering all the hair.
  9. Hat must be put on before entering the kitchen so as not to transfer microorganisms on food by coming or fixing hair in the kitchen.
  10. On food processing jobs and or dish washing jobs, protective aprons must be worn.
  11. Rubber gloves must be worn during dish washing.
  12. While working with easily perishable and high risk foods, disposable gloves must be worn.
  13. Injuries (cuts, calluses, wounds) must be properly protected and covered by water resistant bandages and gloves.
  14. Smoking should be forbidden in the kitchen and adjacent areas.
  15. Staff must not consume food in the kitchen and adjacent areas.

Staff health exam

Staff members who deal with food directly must submit to a health exam for germ carrying before starting work in the kitchen and repeat it every six months.

They must attend mandatory training on food health requirements and personal hygiene requirements in food production.
By taking these steps, you will fulfill basic requirements for cleanliness and hygiene of your hospitality establishment.