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General sanitary for food production

General sanitary for food production

These general sanitary for food production conditions are defined and must be followed. We made a list of them for you in this text to make you aware of their importance.

General requirements for establishments that prepare and distribute food

Project, construction, location and establishment size where food is to be handled must:

  • enable appropriate maintenance, cleaning and disinfection,
  • prevent or reduce airborne contamination,
  • provide for appropriate working space,
  • allow for all work to be done in a sanitary manner,
  • prevent accumulation of unclean substances, contact with poisonous materials and condensation and molding on surfaces,
  • facilitate proper sanitary practice while handling food, including protection from contamination, especially pests,
  • as needed, secure appropriate temperature for handling and storing food; sufficient capacity at the right temperature that can be monitored and if needed recorded.

Spaces where food is handled must be clean, maintained and in good condition.

Further establishment requirements are the following:

Rest rooms

  1. Provide a sufficient number of rest rooms that must not lead into areas where food is handled.


  1. Provide a sufficient number of sinks for hand-washing, located appropriately.

Sinks must have warm and cold water, soap and paper towels.

Food washing equipment

  1. As needed, food washing equipment is to be separated from hand-washing sinks.

Air circulation

  1. Ensure that air circulates naturally or artificially in all parts of the establishment.

Artificial circulation of air from unclean spaces into clean spaces must be avoided. Circulation system must be designed so as to be easily accessible for cleaning and maintenance. Air circulation must be efficient and control smells as well as humidity level.


  • Provide for natural and/or artificial lighting strong enough to enable visual control of food,
  • Protect lights from bursting.

Sewage management

Sewage must be designed and built so as to avoid contamination. If the sewage is entirely or partly open, water must not run from dirty to clean areas, especially not into areas where food is handled since this can present great danger for the end consumer.

Wardrobe space

  1. Provide for appropriate wardrobe space for the staff, with sufficient number of lockers.

Cleaning products

Cleaning and disinfection products must be stored separately from the area where food is handled.
Employees must have enough sinks at their disposal, in all necessary locations.
It is recommended that water taps that can be activated without using hands (elbow, pedal or sensor activated) are used.
If you followed the list of rules of general sanitary for food production and have appropriate technical conditions you have certainly small chances to have problem with food poisoning.