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Become POS Sector Partner

Find a type of partnership that suits you the best and direct your energy toward that

Become POS Sector Partner

Before anything further, thank you for your interest for cooperation.

Frankly, we are very happy for that, and we would like you to join us and feel what it is like to be a part of POS Sector community.

Do you know...

In 19 countries around the world our partners distribute and maintain POS Sector
3827 catering facilities around the world use POS Sector in their everyday work
279 million invoices are issued every year via POS Sector

We suggest that you review and select a type of partnership that is most suitable for you

The Partner program is intended for resellers (companies or individuals) who wish to sell, maintain, POS Sector and provide customer support
The Recommendations program is a great way for bookkeepers, consultants or tradesmen who wish to realize partnership conditions through recommendations.
The Developer program is intended for anyone wishing to connect POS Sector with their own application through POS Sector API and reach new clients.

You are already selling software and you wish to transfer your existing clients to POS Sector?

Contact us via our contact form for new partners and we will agree on the best option without any problems.

You are already selling software and you wish to transfer your existing clients to POS Sector?

What can you, as a partner, expect from us?

  • Stable operation of the software

We have not had any complaints regarding the stability and operation of the software, and regarding the simplicity of work with the software, we are quite convinced that there is no simpler software on the market at the moment. That is confirmed by numerous statements from satisfied customers and their recommendations for the software.

  • Unconditional support

Should you become our partner, you can count on unconditional support and understanding from our side in regard to any aspect of cooperation. We will always jointly agree on new plans for conquering of market, new possibilities of the software and adaptation of software for certain group of users which you consider profitable and conquerable.

  • You will never wait for your money

If you conform to our practice that a user should not be only satisfied but overjoyed with the sale of fiscal cash register to user, you open yourself the market for sale of many other items, which will surely increase your profit. You control and collect the entire payment from users, which means that you never wait for your money, moreover our part is in your possession as well.

  • Partnership support 24 hours/day

We will provide you with marketing and sales support, as well as education for the current and new updates of the software. Availability of information on how best to realize fiscalization (we have taken part in different fiscalizations, so far we have worked in Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Serbia), which, as you will agree, is a significant experience that will be available to our partners. We provide you with partnership support regarding all technical problems 24 hours a day for emergencies, and for all standard questions support is provided within working hours.

  • System that monitors errors

A huge advantage in support is that we possess a system that monitors users’ errors and before user notices an error, we notify him to correct it. This method of monitoring has proved excellent in fiscalization, since, for instance, user forgets to enter the Personal Identification Number and issues invoices, while according to the rules for fiscalization each user issuing invoices must have entered its own Personal Identification Number. The Personal Identification Number is sent to the Tax Administration, and if an invoice without the Personal Identification Number is received, it cannot be fiscalized.

In such case the system informs us about the error and we notify the user to correct the problem. Also, if a user has a problem with the equipment, we will be informed through the system of monitoring of errors and user will be informed that a computer or part of a computer has to be replaced in order to prevent system failure and much greater damage.

Apply for the type of partnership that is suitable for you

As the first step, you should contact us via e-mail and write which type of partnership is suitable for you, and you should introduce yourself.

  • Tell us a few words about yourself and how we can cooperate.

Frequently asked questions by new partners

  • The software is used in other business activities, service and retail. In retail version there is an additional possibility of a fast search of items per name, code or use of bar-code scanner.

  • You can check video instructions for working with the software on following links

    General method of operation of fiscal cash register – POS Sector

    Issuing of invoices in POS Sector

    Changing of prices and adding of new items

    Management of orders and payment per tables

    End-of-shift, review of last invoices, change of method of payment and reversing of invoice

    Entry of goods to stock

  • Yes, it’s possible and it’s easy to do. Network operation can be set simply (remote connection to SQL server is enabled and through configurator (application for servicemen) the database to which POS Sector will connect is set.