Pos Sector can satisfy the needs of all users - if you need several locations for collecting of payment in one building or work with PDAs, work with several warehouses, work with several prices of a certain product, work with clients, etc.

Multi-language support

Adaptation to all local languages and English is available, with a possibility of translation to any language.


Linking the POS cash register with other programs

All reports from the program can be adapted to your accounting services in an electronic form.

Touch screen keyboard on display

The keyboard is on the screen, which significantly decreases the time for data entry and automatically enables fast service to client, since the golden rule of catering is that client’s satisfaction is the top priority.

Modification of appearance of the software for marketing purposes

It is possible to change the display for marketing purposes, where instead of the POS Sector logotype you can put a logotype of your sponsor who is interested in purchasing your equipment and software. Sponsors find this option interesting since all of your clients can see the sponsor’s advertisement on a computer, and there is also a possibility to print out your logotype or your sponsor’s logotype on a receipt.

Simple for new staff

The program is suitable for your new staff, since there are no codes to be remembered nor any classic training for users. In only three clicks on buttons, you will have a bill on the table.

Adaptable for your activity

Tables will be displayed on the display, as well as open orders and reservations, if there are any at that time. In addition to the already mentioned module for selection of work with tables (restaurant method of work), there is also an option to select the method of work without tables (bar method of work). If you select the restaurant method work, the display will show tables arranged in the same way as in your facility. You will still have a possibility of independent arrangement of tables. This method of work enables making of orders and sending of orders to the kitchen, pizzeria, pastry shop, etc., and you have a possibility of repeating the same order, which is an interesting option and a frequently used one since it shortens the time for searching or remembering the last order from client. Only one click and everything is ready, you are also able to, in case some of your clients move to another table, follow them with your application. Sharing of bills, that is payment “everyone for himself”, is also integrated into the program. To facilitate organization and to provide better overview, together with the review of tables the program shows a review of certain sectors of the facility such as interior space, upper floor, terrace, etc.


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