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You don't need to be an expert to create an order in POS Sector. It’s as simple as touching the screen. When you’re finished, it will automatically separate drinks from food and send the details of your order to the bar and kitchen printer or screen, including notes from waiters. Just like that.

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Receive Orders Directly in Your Bar or Kitchen

When your customers arrived and waiter took their orders they have been sent to designated places of the restaurant, bar or kitchen with all necessary notes. There is no need for verbal communication among the staff. Everything is written, so this minimize chance for mistake. This makes your customer service on high level, that brings more satisfied customers.

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Invoice and Payment Process

Payment can be done in several ways. Charge your customers separately (split the invoice) or charge the entire bill. Make a payment by credit card or cash, that depend on customers wishes. Also the program allows you to print the invoice or pro- forma invoice with client informations if your client has this request. We bring you solution that payment is always simple for the waiter and your customers.

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Control Your Inventory, Stock and Staff

If you want to have control over your business, it’s important to track the inventory and your stock. POS Sector allows you to do that at simple and easy way. Also with our POS Sector you have the ability to track the impact of your restaurant staff to your business and to improve your staff management and customers services.

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Restaurant Software Analytics


Almost every well designed POS Sector will give you information you need, even much more than that. This can lead to information overload. That’s the reason why restaurant owners love our software. POS Sector is created by restaurant owners for restaurant owners and we know the best what informations and analysis you really need. Nothing more and nothing less, and in a form that is easy to understand.

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...and improve your business

Even if you are profitable, your margins can always be better. Why should you waste your money and energy if you don’t have to? You must track the progress of your business and recognize your’s ups and downs, analyze why that’s happening and react on time. This is where POS Sector will help you. Use our solution and technology to improve your restaurant business.

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